ReactJS Complete Getting Started Guide - Movies Search with MovieDB API

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- Published on May 8, 2018馃審 Public

nstalling Create-React-App: 04:54 Starting our React Server: 07:27 Intro to JSX: 10:23 CSS Styling Components: 16:08 Reactive State: 20:24 Creating Dummy Movies: 24:09 Refactoring Multiple Components: 33:21 jQuery & MovieDB API: 38:20 Consuming JSON: 44:17 Handling Search: 50:54 Click Handler Browse Movie: 55:58 ReactJS is a very popular framework for creating modern web applications for the browser. Today's course will walk you through how to install and create a React application. We'll also go over the important topics of consuming data and showing it in our app. Enjoy. Movie Search API Podcasts Course Intermediate Training Core Data Instagram Firebase Course Facebook Group Completed Source Code Instagram: Twitter: