Instant Terminal Sharing

Share your terminal with Duckly

Duckly enables you to share your terminal in real-time while talking with audio and video chat. This is achieved by using our terminal integration that you can easily install with npm.

Duckly was built for software teams and to improve its communication and collaboration. Besides terminal sharing, Duckly also allows you to share your code in real-time, so be sure to see the instructions on how to install the Duckly plugin for your IDE too.

By the way, your terminal is only shared P2P and encrypted with the participants on your call. No data touches our servers. Be sure to check more details about our security here.

Share your terminal using Duckly

How to start sharing a terminal session with Duckly

1. Open your terminal and install the integration by typing:
$ npm install --global duckly

2. Next you need to link your Duckly account to your terminal:
$ duckly login

3. You are ready to share, once you are on a Duckly video call, type:
$ duckly share

If you need to share with write permissions, so anyone can type in your terminal (be careful!), type:
$ duckly share --w

If you need help, don't hesitate to talk to us!

You can always contact us at help @ or join our Slack group.