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Before Duckly: Painful remote collaboration using screen sharing. After Duckly: Easy real-time code sharing and better pair programming experience with cross-IDE support.

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Share your code in real-time and work together with your team using any IDE.

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Share and collaborate on any website (or localhost) with multiple cursors. It's like screen sharing, but interactive.

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Simple links with your team name. Easy to remember and join.

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We care about your privacy. All connections are peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted.

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Duckly - Collaborate on any page with a Figma-like experience | Product Hunt

Duckly is the most used collaboration tool for our engineering, data science and machine learning teams. As we all work remotely, it has made live coding together much easier and productive.

Rab Memari,

Duckly is so awesome! "Let's duck!" "Wanna duck?" and "Duck it!" have become part of our lexicon. You can pair program in VS Code and PhpStorm at the same time. Sounds crazy, but it works.

Vlad Stanca, Kobami

Duckly helps my team to work closer and keep the communication and collaboration in sync. Clear audio and video quality and real-time tools like the CoBrowsing.

Ruben Lang, TropiPay
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