Swift: AppStore - REST JSON Fetching App Details (Ep 5)

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- Published on Mar 30, 2016馃審 Public

For the API calls, please use these two links: https://api.letsbuildthatapp.com/apps... https://api.letsbuildthatapp.com/apps... Twitter Slide Out Menu Course https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com/cour... Podcasts Course https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com/cour... Intermediate Training Core Data https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com/cour... Instagram Firebase Course https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com/cour... Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/12406... Today, we learn how to fetch additional details for our apps by performing a get request using our appdetail endpoint. To get this to work, we pass the app id to the REST service. We'll look at how to hook up the JSON data to fully flesh out the rest of the details screen. (Part 1) Recreating the App Store: https://youtu.be/Ko9oNhlTwH0 (Part 2) Integrating REST API: https://youtu.be/uLb8cs11h_g (Part 3) Headers and Cell Subclassing (Part 4) Perform Segue In Code or Programmatically: https://youtu.be/70OhFMzRBZM Source Code: https://www.letsbuildthatapp.com/cour... twitter.com/buildthatapp