How to use Xcode Shortcuts to Speed Up your Development Process

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- Published on Mar 20, 2017馃審 Public

In today's video, I'm going to go through many of the shortcut keys I use in my everyday app development process. There are quite a few shortcuts that I didn't go over in the video but here are the ones I mentioned: Xcode CMD + /: Comment out multiple lines at a time CMD + : Change spacing indents of multiple lines CMD + SHIFT + O: Open Quickly with file name CMD + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT: Go to Previous or Next file CTRL + 6: List out file functions CMD + CTRL + E: Refactor variable name CMD + 1: Project Explorer CMD + 3: Global Search CMD + SHIFT + F: Quick access to Global Search CMD + 0: Hide Project Explorer CMD + OPTION + 0: Hide Documentation/Utilities Toolbar CMD + B: Compile CMD + R: Compile and Run project CMD + . : Stop Compile CMD + SHIFT + K: Clean Project Simulator CMD + 1/2/3: Resize simulator CMD + K: Show physical keyboard CMD + RIGHT/LEFT: Rotate device Instagram Firebase Course: Facebook Group iOS Basic Training Course Follow me on Twitter: