Today we are launching plugins for all the JetBrains IDEs that allows you to do pair programming with people using other IDEs. That's right! You can be using IntelliJ while your colleague is coding with WebStorm (or even VS Code) and that's fine!

GitDuck is a video chat tool built for developers that enables them to share their code in real-time and do pair programming. In order to do that, you need to install our plugin for your IDE so you can share and edit code from other developers.

GitDuck supports:

How GitDuck works?

When you join a video call on GitDuck, the plugin for your IDE will automatically recognize the room you are using and allow you to share your code with anyone who has the GitDuck plugin installed and is also in the meeting.

By the way, first you need to have a username and to be part of a team. To start a video call you just need to go to your team URL on GitDuck. E.g. (is being used by our team to talk). By default your camera is turned off, but you can always turn it on if you want.

How to install the plugin for your JetBrains IDE

  1. In your IDE, go to Preferences > Plugins and search for GitDuck.
  2. Install the GitDuck plugin and restart your IDE.
  3. In your IDE, click "Login on GitDuck" to link your IDE to your GitDuck account.
  4. Join a meeting on GitDuck webapp and you will be able to start sharing your files in your IDE by clicking on "Start sharing your files on ...".

Check this video tutorial to see the installations process.

Host and guest

Whoever starts the session is the host and will be sharing their files with the other people. They will be able to edit your files in real-time and all the changes will be applied in your files. This means that the host will commit the changes applied by all participants.


This a super important topic for us and we care deeply about your security and privacy. Any code shared never touches our servers. It's always P2P between the people that are participating at the meeting. The audio and video chat is also P2P until 4 people. You can learn more about our security here.

Ok, what you need to know

GitDuck is a video chat tool that enables you to do pair programming using any JetBrains IDE while the other person can be using their favorite IDE. The code is only shared between participants and never touches our servers.

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