We built Duckly to help developers to collaborate in real-time with their peers without the need to be using multiple applications for this job: talking with Zoom, sharing code via screen sharing, and texting with Slack. Duckly simplifies this by bringing all to one place. Duckly is a pair programming tool that enables developers to collaborate in real-time with people using different IDEs.

However, in previous versions, you still had to use the Duckly web app for audio and video communication while using the Duckly IDE plugin for code sharing. Our users didn't like this fragmented experience and they wanted to be able to do everything inside of the IDE. Done.

You can now do video calls directly from your IDE! This is a big change that makes the Duckly IDE plugin more powerful and independent. You don't need to be managing multiple applications in order to collaborate. All you need is your IDE and to install the Duckly plugin on your IDE.

How does it work?

When you join a call, we are starting an electron app that handles the audio and video communication. This approach allows us to port to other IDEs and keeps a consistent experience across all of them. This extended Duckly app only runs while you are on a call.

That's how it looks like before you join a call or share your code.

This new plugin version is available for VSCode and all JetBrains' IDEs.

What else is new? Server Sharing!

Besides being able to talk with audio and video directly from your IDE, Duckly now enables you to share your server in real-time with your team.

Duckly enables you to share your open ports using a tunnel based on what is running in your environment. A public temporary URL is created and any changes applied to that server will propagate automatically to that URL. It's a very simple way for sharing your local development servers with other remote developers.

Server sharing on Duckly

What's next?

We are glad to be moving fast towards a fully multi-IDE collaborative experience. Our goal is to make product teams work together in a seamless and efficient way. That also means there are still other experiences we believe can be better.

We are improving the experience when you are following another developer and after that, we are going to improve how you can share your terminal. So you can share your IDE terminal with a click directly from your IDE of choice.

If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to reach out at help at duckly.com.

Thank you.