Live-coding a Rust crate for short EC2 jobs (part 1)

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- Published on Feb 10, 2018馃審 Public

First part of a live-coding stream series where we design and build a Rust crate for running short-lived jobs and experiments on EC2 spot block instances. It's intended for users who are already somewhat familiar with Rust, but who want to see something larger and more involved be built. If you enjoyed this, go follow me on Patreon at to see announcements for new videos! Part 2 is at Some useful chunking points: - Interfacing with EC2: 44:50 - First successful VM connection: 2:00:19 (followed by SSH connection management) - Tidying up the client API: 2:49:25 - Using the failure crate: 3:33:33 Code is available here: