Rust open-source contributions stream: Rust tools and std::future

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- Published on Oct 19, 2019🌏 Public

Yay, another open-source contributions stream! Like last time, we're going to go through a few open-source Rust projects and see if we can contribute something to them. In about 90 minutes per crate, we'll find an issue we want to address, dig through the code for how to fix it, and (hopefully) submit a PR in the end. This time I wanted to focus on Rust tooling, to show that contributing to the Rust core tools is not as scary as people may think. So, we make contributions to both cargo (to fix and rustup (to fix In addition, by popular demand, we also port a crate ( from the old-style futures (0.1) to std::future and async/await. Checkpoints: - 00:03:17 Fix cargo clean's interaction with symlinks - 02:01:25 Port tokio-beanstalkd to async/await and std::future - 03:04:05 Add support for --profile to rustup install - 04:21:30 Closing remarks In this stream we submitted,, and Original live stream recording with chat history here: