Swift: How to integrate Google Maps SDK with Cocoapods to Build a Vacation App

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- Published on Mar 5, 2016馃審 Public

Today, we'll go over step by step how to integrate Google Maps SDK for iOS using Swift and Cocoapods to build a Vacation App. We'll go over how to set the map view centered on the interesting places of San Francisco, CA. In addition, we'll place markers on these spots. Next, we take a look at how to animate the camera from one location to then next. Finally, when we are completely done, we'll have created a flyover application that explores some of my favorite spots the city has to offer. Google Maps iOS SDK Getting Started: https://developers.google.com/maps/do... Completed Project: https://github.com/purelyswift/integr... (Note: you'll have to run 'pod install' from the command line to install the Google Maps sdk)