Swift: Create a Questionnaire App using UITableView Programmatically (Part 1)

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- Published on Feb 18, 2016馃審 Public

Welcome back for another tutorial guys! Today's goal is to learn how to use UINavigationController and UITableViewController to create a very elegant Personality Type questionnaire App. Along the way, we'll also learn how to modify the UINavigationBar's tint color, title color, and status bar style color. In addition, we learn how to create section headers using UITableViewHeaderFooterView and cells using UITableViewCell. Lastly we touch upon how to do some nifty math using the modulas operation "%" to grade the questionnaire result score and return an actual personality type. Here's the link to the completed project to Part 1 of this tutorial: https://github.com/purelyswift/person... Stay tuned for Part 2!