Building an asynchronous ZooKeeper client in Rust (part 2)

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- Published on Jul 15, 2018🌏 Public

In this stream series, we're implementing an asynchronous ZooKeeper client library in Rust using the tokio crate and futures. The goal of this session is to start implementing higher-level ZooKeeper features including heartbeats, watchers, and session re-establishment. Part 1 in the series can be found at This stream is primarily for those who want to learn about asynchronous programming in Rust, with a particular focus on asynchronous networking. It should be accessible for most intermediate Rust programmers though, and the goal is for us all to learn together! If you haven't seen Part 1, I highly recommend you do so first. This video is intended for users who are already somewhat familiar with Rust, but who want to see something larger and more involved be built. You can see earlier related videos in this playlist: If you enjoyed this, go follow me on Twitter, or on Patreon at to see announcements for new videos! There will be several more videos that either cover new topics (see Twitter) or that complete ones we've started in the past (like async-ssh: The code we ended up with is available here: The original live-stream with chat is here: I didn't use that as the main posting because YouTube won't let me cut the 15 minutes of blank at the beginning :'(