Computer Science Exam Review (Introduction Courses ITI1120 etc.)

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- Published on Dec 6, 2018馃審 Public

This is my computer science exam review and study guide. Covers: Collections, Algorithms, Big O, Recursion and object mutability. Mutable vs Immutable Video: SECTION TIMESTAMPS: Mutability: 1:53 List, Sets, Tuples and Dictionaries: 9:30 Python Sorting Method & Functions: 16:27 Sorting Algorithms: 20:43 Big O Analyasis: 23:40 Searching Algorithms: 30:45 Recursion: 44:00 Height of Recursion: 48:40 This is NOT a beginner programming tutorial. It is meant to review material that you most likely covered in class and show examples of potential exam questions. I spend most of the time in this video covering the more complex topics like sorting and searching and explaining the time complexity of these algorithms. I also do an extensive review on recursion and show you example problems. ** Support the Channel: Join my discord server: ** Please leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content! Tags: - Tech With Tim - Python Tutorials - Computer science exam review