Miracle - a JavaScript Sega Master System Emulator

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- Published on Feb 10, 2018馃審 Public

A chat about my JavaScript Sega Master System emulator. The SMS was an 8-bit console released in 1985. Re: the confusion .with memory ordering around 15m -- the HL register is so named not because of its endiannes, but due to the way the carry carries between L (the low) and H (the high). You can play at https://xania.org/miracle/miracle.html and the source is at https://github.com/mattgodbolt/Miracle Go buy Wonderboy 3 from http://www.lizardcube.com/ too! This isn't a paid advert, it's just my absolute favourite game and LizardCube's remake is just beautiful! This is the first video I've tried using audio volume compression, please let me know if it's better than my others!