Creating a Terminal Emulator PART 2 [c++ live stream]

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- Published on Apr 3, 2019🌏 Public

I am in the process of rewriting some of the tools that I use for my programming video productions. As a part of this, I am planning to create a special-purpose terminal emulator (virtual terminal). This was broadcast live on my channel on 2 April 2019. The terminal was not completed in this stream. I may livestream the next parts too.

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FAQ: A) Linux. A) Cinnamon. A) Debian (Testing). A) Joe. A) Because to learn a new tool (to replace another you are already fluent with) requires a sizable investment in time. It’s not practical, or at least it is very difficult to justify convincingly. A) Embedded programming. A) Be passionate and never be afraid to experiment. Try things that are challenging and have small unknown parts, and look up the information that you need. Do that for years. A) Sorry, I don’t really read books — beginner or otherwise. I have no idea which books are good or not. I get most of my information from the Internet by simply searching for it. A) In my car. I didn’t bother fetching them for this stream. A) No downloadable playlist. The currently playing song filenames are shown on the right side of the screen at all times. You can look them up in ModArchive, but you may sometimes need to guess a bit.

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