Tags UI: Part 3 (and recording with OBS)

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- Published on Nov 11, 2019🌏 Public
  • How to select tags in settings (pending)
  • ✅ How to show tags in videos (watch)
  • ✅ Tags page
  • ✅ How to show tags in explore page (or in any other video list)

Tags in watch page

We should use Tags/watch.js and call it in the profile-commit-info-block.

Tags page

That's basically when a user clicks on a tag and we show a list of videos that contain that tag. If the user is logged in and has a team, we should show their videos that contain the tag. Tags/selected.js

Explore page

I think the only scenario that explore will show a list of tags filtering the video is when the user searches for something (or select some tags). We can use the same design from the tags page Tags/selected.js

Tags in settings

We need to add the react component to select tags and the design will be applied as this is part of the settings.